Most Awaited iPhone 12 series with 5G support launched: Explore Specs, Cost & features

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The most awaited series, yes, we are talking about the iPhone 12 series has finally launched in India entertaining with 5G support and a lot of technical specs that make it the best buy smartphone for 2020 last quarter. To be precise, the iPhone 12 series consists of four smartphones including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Let us understand and talk about the Apple smartphone launch pattern first. Generally, Apple believes in launching its phone every year in the mid of September or through its live event.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the launch of many smartphones in 2020. Apple too delayed its launch because of the pandemic, and now, it is exclusively trending with the launch of both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. Yes, the most awaited iPhone 12 series is finally launched in India making the iPhone fans go wow!

What is the most talked-about feature with iPhone 12 series?

Well, we all know that 5G connectivity is what people are expecting in 2020. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini is accompanied by 5G connectivity that makes surfing the internet super-fast and powerful. The new and exclusive iPhone 12 series will make you woe about the browsing speed and why not- it is integrated with the 5G connectivity, unlike other smartphones.


iPhone 12 series will be first available in the US. If you wish to pre-book the impressive smartphone- you can do it from 16 th October 2020, whereas other country Apple fans need to wait till 23 rd October. Well, if you are buying the iPhone 12 series in India, the pre-booking starts around 23 rd October 2020- making it an exclusive buy for Apple lovers.

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The cost of the iPhone 12 series different from each other because of its size and camera performance. Here is an image depicting the pricing of the iPhone 12 family as per the model.

Technical Specifications

4K Video Editing & 5G Connectivity:

As stated earlier, Apple has launched four smartphones under the iPhone 12 series, and each of them is powered by 5G connectivity and Apple A14 Bionic Chip.

It makes it one of the super-fast and powerful smartphones of 2020. Well, for those who are baffling with the Apple A14 Bionic chip, let me share that with this chip the iPhone 12 series become one of the first Apple smartphones to manage the 4K video editing. Moreover, the chip makes the iPhone 12 a smarter CPU version with 30–40% of better and improved performance.

The most talked about the feature: iPhone 12 (any of the four models) is designed to manage 11 trillion operations/second. Isn’t that a mind-boggling feature? This feature makes the Apple 14 bionic chip a true successor of Apple 13 bionic chip.

Camera performance:

Depending upon the different iPhone 12 models, the performance of the camera varies because all the phones accompany additional megapixels front and back camera features.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the largest, both of these smartphones are integrated with 12MP triple rear camera offering a wide- ultrawide & an extra telephoto lens for taking exclusive pictures.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are integrated with the dual rear 12MP camera performance. These two smartphones offer broad and ultra-wide-angle camera shooting capabilities.

Most talked: The expensive and super-talked iPhone PRO models are infused with 4K Dolby Vision HDR video streaming and recording feature. The night camera vision is highly improved than the previous series, iPhone 11.

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Batter Life:

Battery performance is something that we read it first considering our increased smartphone usage, especially after the work from home norms.

Well, you shall be happy to know that the iPhone 12 series is accompanied with the best battery life than all the previous series.

And yes, the series supports the most trending wireless charging feature with MagSafe. One can expect the 20 hours of non-stop video playback with iPhone 12 series. Isn’t that super amazing?

What’s new? I am not sure whether this decision will be appreciated by the users or criticised, but the iPhone 12 series do not accompany with an AC adapter for charging the smartphone.

It is indeed accompanied by a USB-C lighting cable. The brand has taken this decision in favour of the environment, which is novel and innovative. You can leave your comments on the same below.

Wrapping Up

After Samsung Note 20 Ultra and Samsung S20 e Series, Apple has become a much-talked smartphone brand with its exclusive iPhone 12 series. We are waiting to discover the phone in our hands, especially the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini. For your reference, the iPhone 12 Mini will be the smallest smartphone delivering 5G connectivity in 2020. It makes the iPhone 12 family more prominent and trending.

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