How iCoderz Solutions is an Ideal Grocery Delivery App Development Company?

We all are used to ordering groceries online. I guess every one of us has the famous grocery delivery application downloaded on our smartphone. The pandemic mostly has made us closer to the online grocery delivery app segment. Either you are residing in India or UK or USA, we are thankful to the grocery delivery app development company for serving us amazing grocery delivery apps.

Grocery Delivery App Online

In India, the most used online grocery delivery apps are BigBasket and Grofers, whereas, in the USA, apps like Postmates, Walmart, and GroceryBabu are the famous grocery delivery applications.

All these apps have many things in common despite operating in different locations and for different types of people.

So, what makes these apps alike and common despite being developed by other mobile app development companies?

Let us discuss it here.

Despite being developed by different companies, what remains the same with these grocery delivery applications are its elements.

Yes, top grocery delivery brands demand the same or popular features for their grocery delivery application. So, what are these elements?

Grocery Delivery App Features or Elements

Every on-demand delivery application almost has the same features or elements as these apps fall into the delivery segments.

There are little or minor differences between these applications, and mostly it is with the store owner’s app functionality and operations.

The nature of the product that needs to be delivered varies, and hence the owner app is slightly different from each other.

Ready-Made Grocery Delivery App Development Demo By iCoderz Solutions

Let us continue discussing the grocery delivery app features.

1. Customer Application

We can say that a customer application is a principal application as it helps your store to get new orders and hence, the incoming sales.

The features of the customer application define the success of your recent orders. In short, the UI of the application needs to be designed excellently for helping the users to reach the checkout process with ease.

2. Grocery Store Owner App

The grocery store owner app is one of the most essential apps to be designed by any mobile app development company.

The features or elements of the app defines how easily the orders are accepted and executed for ease and success of grocery deliveries.

3. Delivery Partner App

The delivery partner or the driver-partner application helps to execute the delivery process.

In short, the customer’s grocery delivery process is completed only when the driver is assigned, and the same driver delivers the products on time.

4. Web Admin Panel

iCoderz Solutions, the grocery delivery app development company in the USA, UK and India provides with the exclusive website admin panel along with the apps as mentioned earlier for making grocery delivery easy and viable. Let us discuss the features.

How Does iCoderz Solutions Grocery Delivery App Work?

When we talk about the on-demand delivery businesses like the grocery delivery apps, the functioning of the application is quite important. The app functions mostly are autopilot, and the users need to give an action for the same. Wondering how the grocery delivery app online designed by iCoderz Solutions works? Let us discuss the same in detail.

Phase 1 Customer Actions

  • The grocery delivery business is put to work when the customer sign ups and starts preparing the grocery shopping list by selecting the groceries that he/she wishes to order.
  • After the customer prepares the shopping list, any coupons that are applicable can be easily applied before selecting the payment option.
  • The customer can either choose the COD or the online payment option listed with various payment methods for successful checkout.
  • Once the payment method is chosen and initiated, the customer gets a message from the grocery delivery brand about the successful order placed and the tentative delivery date and time of the groceries.

Phase 2 Store Owner Response

  • When the vendor gets a notification on the app, it can start preparing for the order and can also reject it if the vendor is not prepared to deliver the same.
  • On the given time slot selected by the customer, the grocery store owner delivers the order.
  • If any of the items are not available at the time of order execution, the store owner app can send a notification to the customer about any item cancellation, and the same amount is refunded.

Phase 3 Delivery Execution

  • When the groceries are ready and when it is the time to deliver the order, the driver gets a notification for the same.
  • The customer will get a notification that a particular driver is assigned with the contact details and then he or she will leave for the delivery.
  • The driver app can update the status as delivery complete to notify the vendor that the delivery is successfully executed, and products are delivered/COD payment is collected.

2020: The Era of Contactless & Cashless Online Grocery Delivery

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Because of the ongoing pandemic, almost every grocery delivery and food delivery application have updated their apps with contactless and cashless delivery options.

This is how your application needs to be updated from time to time with the ongoing flow. Regular updates and maintenance of your online grocery delivery app can help you retain customers.

It is said and scientifically proved that coronavirus is spread through touch sensitivity.

Coming near to anyone or having a physical contact can help spread the virus swiftly. Hence, all eCommerce segment introduced contactless and cashless delivery.

When the customer chooses contactless delivery, the delivery person will not wait for the customer to collect the parcel.

The delivery person will ring the doorbell and leave the parcel near the door and leave. The option is viable because currently, cash on delivery option is not available for users.

This is the best way to avoid coming in touch with any new person for both the customer as well as the delivery partner. As there is no exchange of cash between two people, the spread is prevented with ease.

An ideal mobile app development company like iCoderz Solutions, will help your on-demand delivery app to stay updated with all the latest ongoing conditions of the market. The app development team provides excellent service for old clients as well.

Why iCoderz Solutions for Developing Grocery Delivery App?

I am sure throughout the blog, you must be wondering that the features, elements, and working of the grocery delivery application are fine, but why only iCoderz Solutions for developing your next grocery delivery app? So, here is what I need to share about iCoderz- the top mobile app development company in the USA, UK, and India.

If you are wondering why iCoderz then the first thing that gives the best conclusion is its experience in the field. iCoderz Solutions is serving the mobile app development industry for more than a decade. The company has been closely monitoring the ups and downs of the IT industry and is entirely equipped with old as well as new mobile app development frameworks.

Since the company has been serving the IT industry for more than a decade, it has become an expert in developing both eCommerce websites as well as mobile apps. iCoderz is highly expertise in producing food, and grocery delivery apps using React-Native and Flutter app development frameworks.

Many clients wonder about the customization part. Yes, iCoderz Solutions serve with 100% personalization for both designing and development. Your next or upcoming grocery delivery application can be fully designed by you and developed by us. We hold the legacy and expertise for providing seamless app customization services.

Some clients do not wish to spend much on the customization or the development part. Many grocery delivery startups want to save app development costs. Those clients who wish to get SaaS-based monthly subscription solutions for grocery delivery apps can find iCoderz as their perfect escape. Yes, we provide with a monthly subscription or monthly rental on-demand app solutions for both food and grocery. Moreover, our solutions are 100% white-labelled for helping you ease with branding purposes.

Last but not least, iCoderz Solutions have been successful in retaining almost every employee on their board. They are also into aggressive new hiring for new programming languages to keep new technologies synched in the premises. Apart from app development, they have a fantastic staff for both service and maintenance.

Let us end with a good note!

Agree, the blog was quite lengthy yet informative. But I hope you have got the reasons that justify iCoderz Solutions as an ideal grocery delivery app development company online. For any other assistance or service, you can log on to the official website.

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