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Food delivery business is one of the exciting business segments to invest in 2020.

I am not sure whether you have read the stats about how the Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced the online businesses, including the food and grocery delivery business.

Many times we have got a query on our website where clients wish to have a food delivery app like Grubhub , so we thought to have a blog about it discussing its cost, features, and online delivery market analysis.

Food Online Delivery Market Analysis

Looking at the growth of food-home delivery app development services offered by the food delivery app development companies like us. …

2020 is the age of digitalization and modernization. You may want to correct my previous sentence by relating it to the pandemic- but trust me; it is the year for digitalization. And I will explain it to you- how! My today’s topic is clear and concise. I want to highlight grocery store owners and grocery multi-chain store owners about the advantages and necessities of having a grocery delivery app for their grocery outlet. In 2020, having a mobile app for grocery stores is quite mandatory for boosting business/sales.

Why Grocery Delivery App for Your Popular or New Grocery Outlet?

As we are an on-demand grocery delivery app development company, we get to interact with various clients in the day who owns a grocery store or outlet. In fact, some questions amaze us during the scheduled discussion call, which states their innocence for the digital marketing and digitalization field. …

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Google is the king! You ask google how to hire on-demand food delivery apps, and you get a list of on-demand food delivery app development companies that directly navigates you to the hiring page. Isn’t it? But, does that help you to hire an on-demand food delivery app developers like a PRO? Probably not.

You may end up talking to the company and the hourly development hours. To hire a food delivery app development company or it’s dedicated development team- you need to have a lot of crucial knowledge about the development hours and its process.

How to Hire Online Food Delivery App Developers?

So, obviously, when you are looking for food delivery app developers, you are planning to launch your food delivery business. …

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Talabat and Otlob are now serving as a single food delivery service across many cities in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai. To those who do not know, let me share Talabat is the new Otlob food delivery app in UAE. Hungerstation is a popular food and grocery delivery service in Saudi Arabia.

If you are thinking of launching your food delivery app or tying your knot with the new business segment (food or grocery)- it is a fabulous idea.

So, stick with the idea and let me share with you how to launch your upcoming food delivery business in UAE or USA or India. …

We all are used to ordering groceries online. I guess every one of us has the famous grocery delivery application downloaded on our smartphone. The pandemic mostly has made us closer to the online grocery delivery app segment. Either you are residing in India or UK or USA, we are thankful to the grocery delivery app development company for serving us amazing grocery delivery apps.

Grocery Delivery App Online

In India, the most used online grocery delivery apps are BigBasket and Grofers, whereas, in the USA, apps like Postmates, Walmart, and GroceryBabu are the famous grocery delivery applications.

All these apps have many things in common despite operating in different locations and for different types of people. …

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The most awaited series, yes, we are talking about the iPhone 12 series has finally launched in India entertaining with 5G support and a lot of technical specs that make it the best buy smartphone for 2020 last quarter. To be precise, the iPhone 12 series consists of four smartphones including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Let us understand and talk about the Apple smartphone launch pattern first. Generally, Apple believes in launching its phone every year in the mid of September or through its live event.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the launch of many smartphones in 2020. Apple too delayed its launch because of the pandemic, and now, it is exclusively trending with the launch of both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. Yes, the most awaited iPhone 12 series is finally launched in India making the iPhone fans go wow! …


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